Whitebait Fever

Our story starts like any other love story ….with whitebait fever, passed down from generations before us.

Rachel’s family have been whitebaiting on the same river on the West Coast for five generations.

It was on that very river where she met Glenn – an avid whitebaiter and a good-looking KIwi bloke….

…they fell in love and decided to take a big step….

….and opened a food truck.

Kiwiana Kai was subsequently born and briefly started in South Westland before moving to the Grey district.

Along the way we met Razz, a cute wee pooch desperate for love after a life of neglect, and so began another love story.

Kiwiana Kai is a new business and we have resiliently accepted the challenges thrown our way like cyclones, road closures, and now COVID-19. Although we were only open for a short time before having to close, we enjoyed the opportunity to share with our customers treats such as whitebait patties and blue cod.

Glenn and Rachel both share the same passion for fresh, quality seafood and are fortunate that their childhoods and later lives have been spent fishing. It is undoubtedly a Kiwi pastime that they both treasure and are proud to share with customers.

Whitebait is synonymous with the West Coast and Kiwiana Kai is all about giving customers a local experience. Where else can you talk to the chef and ask questions while they cook? And in such a scenic beach location?

Our goal at Kiwiana Kai is not just about offering a unique experience, but we also want to serve the best quality food with local ingredients, where possible. For example, we are proud to announce that our happy free-range farm hens provide us with the delicious golden eggs used in our legendary whitebait patties.

We consider ourselves lucky to live in a place like the West Coast, full and abundant with nature and beauty. We can guarantee that our whitebait is caught from South Westland rivers, which boast some of the most beautiful water in the world, and that because we have fished for generations, we do so with care and consideration for the environment.

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