What is whitebait??

Where better to find out than on the very river from which they are caught...

Welcome to Kiwiana Kai

Want to try some authentic New Zealand (Kiwiana) food (Kai) in a peaceful, scenic West Coast setting?

Come and relax in our natural surroundings and view wildlife in the magnificent Kahikatea trees.
Our nifty wee food caravan – where the magic happens šŸ™‚

Some days you might see us out on the road but usually we enjoy being off-the-grid in Mother Nature.
Off the grid and off the beaten track at Kiwiana Kai there’s not only rainbows but also plenty of parking!

Whitebait aka ‘white gold’

Glenn (below) sure knows how to make a mean patty!
….transformed into these delicious patties šŸ™‚
Best with salt, a squeeze of lemon and a swirl of mint sauce!
Catching whitebait West Coast style!
The West Coast is well known for having the best (and most) whitebait in the country. That’s why our season here is shorter. The West Coast is often inundated with whitebaiters so a shorter season ensures the species has plenty of time to replenish for next year!
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